You will find all of Luxury Tress Hair Extensions to be the highest quality available on the market.

 Our hair can be re-used over & over while maintaining its same luxurious texture.

 Our Hair can be colored with ease without changing the texture.

 No worries with tangling and excess shedding.

Hair Extensions you can trust.




1. How much hair do I need to purchase?


Hair Bundles

       Full Sew In - 3 Bundles /  Partial Sew In - 2 Bundles  / Sew-In With Closure - 2 Bundles + Closure. 

 For 22” & Up and Big Hair Lovers additional bundles may be needed.


Braidless Sew-In: 1 Bundle for Natural Look / 2 Bundles For Extra Fullness.


Tape Hair

1 Pack = 20 Pieces if thickening only

2 - 3 Packs = 40 - 60 Pieces for Natural Look

3-4 Packs = 60-80 Pieces Extra Full Thick Hair


Clip Ins

1 Pack - Natural Look

2 Packs - Extra Full Thick Hair


Hott Links

5 -25 Strands - Small Fringe Highlight or Area Highlight

25 - 50 Strands - 2 Side Highlight Coverage

50-75 Strands - Half Head (Top)




2. How Long Does The Hair Last?

Virgin Hair Bundles: Can be used consecutively for 1 year.

Remy Highlighted Bundles: Can be used 6 - 12 months.

Tape Hair: 6 - 12 months.

Clip Ins: 1 year to Several Years based on frequency of wear.

Closures and Frontals: 2 - 4 Months based on care.

Hott Links: 

Textured or Ethnic Hair - minimal to 0 slippage, remain until removed, 3-4 months recommended max time.

Straight Hair - excessive slippage, 7-14 days, can be re-installed.




3. What is the difference in Indian Temple & Brazilian Hair?

These Terms are simply promo names to describe the texture of the hair but

Our Brazilian Hair is soft and Silky, offering lots of body.

Our Indian Hair is thick, full and matte. Great for those big hair lovers.

It's important to note that every company has a different supplier and names their hair differently so please do not compare textures based on promo names. The only way to tell if our hair is what you want is to get a sample or purchase and test for yourself.




4. Do you offer Free Shipping?

Yes we offer free shipping on all orders over $50.




 5. How long does it take to receive the hair?

Orders received before 2 pm Eastern will shipped same day or next day. If an item is out of stock, your order will ship in 3-8 Business days depending on the item ordered. See Shipping & Returns.




6. Can I return the hair?

 You have 30 days to exchange your purchase. All items must be in original condition. See Shipping & Returns.




7. Does any of your curly or wavy VIRGIN hair bundles keep its pattern when wet?

Yes all wavy or curly VIRGIN hair bundles keeps its pattern when submerged in water. We call these patterns Wet & Wavy. You will see a H20 symbol on textures that offer this feature.




8. What products should I use on my hair extensions?

Click Links to Purchase recommended products. These are affiliate links meaning Luxury Tress will receive a percentage of products purchased.  These products are professionally recommended by Marcia Cross Founder of Luxury Tress. All products below can be used on any texture of hair.


(Can also be used on all extensions.)

Shampoo & Conditioner 

Mix the 2 shampoos together equally and shampoo. Use Instant conditioner for 3 mins and rinse. Avoid roots. (Extremely Important not to use the deep cleansing shampoo a la carte. It will strip the hair too much.)

Leave In Conditioner Spray

Spray extensions with leave in conditioner and leave wet & wavy or blow dry and style for straight textures. (For Wet & Wavy textures you may also use Setting Mousse in place of the leave in conditioner.)



Thermal Protectant Shine Serum or Shine Spray 

Edge Control

Scalp Soothing Oil

Scalp Soother Comb





Leave In Conditioner Treatment Spray

(No Cream Conditioner Needed)





9.) Can I shampoo my hair with the extensions installed.

Hair Bundles:

Yes but it is extremely important to sit under a dryer for 1 - 1.5 hrs to dry hair braids underneath after shampooing to avoid bacteria or bad odor to your hair. Be Gentle. Shampooing every 2 weeks is recommended.

Clip Ins:

It is best to remove your extensions before shampooing and reapply after. You may shampoo as often as you prefer.

Tape Hair:

Yes but please wait 24-48 hrs after initial installation to allow bonds to fully seal. You may shampoo as often as you prefer but the less frequent you shampoo, the longer your extensions will last.

Hott Links:

Absolutely, shampoo as often as you prefer.

Lace Wigs

It is best to remove your extensions before shampooing and reapply after. Shampooing your unit once a month is recommended.




10.) How long will my install last?

This is determined by the method and expertise of your stylist.






Please care for your hair extensions. This protects your natural hair and your investment.



Always put your hair in a braid or wear a satin bonnet / hair net to keep your hair from tangling and matting at night.



Use Quality Hair Products. Do Not Use Cheap Products on your  Investment. Use A Moisturizing Shampoo & Massage into a lather and rinse thoroughly. Shampoo from root to end gently. A second wash is not   necessary but is optional. Remember the less you shampoo the better to avoid continuous stress on your roots. When shampooing be gentle. Do not scrub vigorously. Use the tips of your fingers and rotate in soft circular motions with less tension on scalp area where your extensions are bonded.


Follow With Moisturizing Conditioner.

Condition from mid-shaft to ends only. Rinse thoroughly after 10 minutes and towel blot hair. Avoid putting conditioner on the extension bond or roots.


Use A Setting Solution or Detangler

Before drying the hair, it is highly recommended to sit under a hooded dryer for at least an hour to fully dry braids to avoid moldy smell from hair being left wet over time.  If using a hand held dryer, use a comb attachment.


Style As Desired.

Avoid heavy alcohol based products. Hair Sprays are ok for styling occasionally. Also avoid heavy oils and greasy hair products. They weigh the hair down and cause the hair to separate.

Lightweight, Smooth flowing Hair is Best!



Place your hair back in a ball or ponytail while exercising.

Try Wet & Wavy hair extensions for that flawless look while burning the Calories.



Wear a swimming cap when possible and place a small amount of conditioner on your hair before swimming so that the hair is protected while in the water.



Finger your hair everyday or use a rattail comb to keep the hair separated.   Use mousse to keep your hair refreshed everyday. Remember with some curl patterns if you flat iron or color the hair you will loosen the curl pattern slightly.



Be gentle with your closures. Do not Brush or Shampoo Vigorously. You will cause it to thin & lift if you handle it too rough.





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